Entry for Lens Culture’s Street photography award. With jury comment.

‘The images that I am mostly drawn to are the first three and I really like the fact you have submitted a statement with the work as this is also very helpful to give direction to the work. Your statement works well with these set of images. The aesthetic is very coherent between each image and with those images I am getting a clear sense of your visual language. Overall your composition is good and you have excellent use of the frame between each image .The way you structure the frame results in layered images that are psychological and evoke high emotions.

By far the first image is the strongest one, and there is a play between fiction and reality. You make the viewer wonder with this photo because the girl almost looks fake. You have used your foreground and background wisely here and the use of color accentuates the drama. Moving to the second image you continue to maintain the same aesthetic and the color here works very well. It directs our attention to the woman and the space between her and the man almost becomes symbolic, a social divide. Image three is full of tension and action. Like in the previous images you really blend with the situation you photograph. You both observe but also are ingrained in the moment. I am looking at this image and wondering how did you got away from the situation, because from the picture it’s not clear to the viewer if the dogs are playing or fighting. The next image is interesting but I would have liked to see the person a little more sharp and just a touch to the left of the frame. Last photo is very graphic and the motion adds a dynamic but the panning didn’t really work here. If the woman was sharp the photo would have been great.

Considering the above comments it is obvious that you have a specific style which incorporates the blending between the descriptive and the emotional. Your picture deviate from the mere representation of things and become commentary of the social psyche. I highly recommend to continue working in this manner which transcends the ordinary into something unique that at times touches the surreal. Thinking of a specific theme, (as you do here) and approach it with the same stylistic manner as you do here will results in some unique images that show, direction, vision and a personal style which is a must in a dense street photography marketplace.’